People enter our lives for a reason
Many will enter our lives just for a season
I knew from the moment we met, you had a purpose
Something about your soul, beneath the surface

Your innate ability to sooth my soul
The manner in which you maintain such control
Itís funny how I seem to completely unfold
With you I can surrender all control

Release my inhibitions without hesitation
Embracing our connection through conversation
Journey through my mind through my creations
Relationships like ours have no destination

The confidence and poise in your swagger...
Pierces a crowded room like a dagger
You make me feel like nothing even matters
There is no peak when youíre holding the ladder

The very thing about you that excites me...
Evokes a fear that I find so inviting
You understand my soul beyond any reason
It's clear to me; youíre here for more than just a season

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