Sometimes, I wanna call you up
…and share with you what’s been goin’ on
But then I realize that I can’t
…because you ain’t gon’ communicate

When are you gonna chill a bit
…and kill the silly stubborn shit?
Life is too short you know
We both were wrong, so let it go

How are you gonna call me wrong?
You better watch where you throw ya stones
‘Cause you ain’t so innocent
I caught you on the Internet

Tryin’ to find someone to blow
But when I ask, you tell me no
Offerin’ up ya ass to strangers when –
You got a man

Now that shit don’t make no sense – so
I confront you with the evidence
Ain’t that a bitch? You copped an attitude
And then you came with a lame excuse

Tryin’ in vain to state ya case
With blatant lies straight to my face
You contradict everything you say
You can’t even admit you’re gay

I tried hard to be a gentleman
But like a dog - You bit the hand
That tried to offer loyalty, love and respect
And honesty

You fucked up and pulled the switch
Ain’t life a bitch! Now ya in a ditch
I got enough ammunition to…
Humiliate and embarrass you

You goin’ around sayin’ I’m uptight
I’m so amused – you playin’ right?
You forget that’s why I dropped yo’ ass
You kept a lock on yo’ underpants

You are so ridiculous
How did I get caught in this mess?
I want a man with class
But you’d rather dig in cyber-trash

Furthermore, I would be remiss
If I forget to mention this
Yo’ faith in God seems to contradict
Your search for dick on the Internet

Fuck with me – I got a million mo’
You don’t wanna go toe-to-toe
It’s just the product of a bitter man
Abused by love by another man

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