Look at you!
Tryin’ to run from yo’ sins
You can get a head start
But the past still gon’ win

What a fool!
All the people you screwed
Now yo’ ladder’s too short
And yo’ bridge came unglued

All alone
And you ain’t got no friends
You’re an internet whore
Sittin’ on the user end

What a shame!
You think you’re good at this game
But your hand is too weak
…and your strategy’s lame

How did I drown in someone so shallow?
I can’t believe I loved you
How did I drown in someone so shallow?
I’m finally over you

In my bed
All your actions mislead – me
To think because we’re nude
You just might give me head

I’m confused
And my patience – abused
Are you gonna fuck with me…
Or these internet goons?


Almost fooled
Your little innocent act...
was up for an award
But your performance fell flat

Get a clue
You think this lifestyle you choose…
Is really on the low
…but everybody knows

I confess
This is a wicked attack
Designed to put you down
Just to see you react

Look at you!
Now you look like a fool
Your lies are exposed
…and we all know the truth


You're so shallow
How did I drown in you?
You're so shallow
I'm finally over you!

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