Love is a funny thing
It makes you happy
It makes you sad
It makes you cry
It even makes you laugh
All these things…
All in the name of love

Life would be so easy
If it weren’t for a thing called love
No heartaches – no unnecessary tears
All in the name of love – I’ve had enough!

All I’ve ever asked is that I receive the love that I’ve given
Was that too much to ask?
Answer me!
Are you afraid to speak?
Oh, I’m not going to shoot – just yet
I want you to know how serious I am about that four-letter word
…that was put into a three-word sentence

But I guess you wouldn’t know anything about that
…at least not yet
It’s too bad I’m not the one you fall in love with
But one day when you do…
You will think about me
That, I guarantee!

Oh, shut up!
You never loved me
Do you know how much pain you put me through…
All the things I’ve done because I loved you?
Does that mean anything to you?
All in the name of love – I’ve had enough

You know what the funny thing is?
In spite of it all, I still love you
But – I’ve had enough

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