We just met
…and already I’m insane
All day long
U are on my brain

I saw you once
Since then, I’m not the same
I wish you’d call
I only know your name

I don’t know why
…I feel this way
I think it’s love
What do you say?

U make me crazy
U make me insane
Why do you do this?
U R on my brain

You’re on my brain
U make me insane
I don’t know why
U play this torture game

U stood me up
U put me in a shower
I don’t know how
…U got me in your power

I can’t eat…or even think
I don’t talk…or sleep a wink
All I do…is think of you
You’re on my brain
What shall I do?

You’re on my brain…all day and night
I wish you’d come…and hold me tight

When can I see you?
When can we meet again?
I think I love you!
No…Here it comes again!

You’re on my brain…it’s such a strain
I think I love you
I’ve gone insane

A little insanity is good for the soul…but wake up to reality before you lose control!

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