Sometimes shit just don’t go as planned
I mean, would you’ve guessed that you’d love another man?
A man, whose heart you’ve captured with one night, a kiss, and a notion
A notion of love of which I thought no longer existed in my jaded mind
Just goes to show you
Shit don’t always go as planned…all the time

This shit is crazy!
I mean the way you got me feelin’
Like a junkie without a fix
You say you love me
…but I can’t help but wonder
Are we puttin’ the 9 before the 6?
I don’t know
You tell me

And what if the pain of not having you close is too much to bear?
Will it drive you into the arms of another?
Would I be willing to share?
I doubt it
The mere thought is too much to bear

You got me feelin’ – Like I could open up and give you all my love --- unconditionally
This shit is scary – ‘cause I don’t even know you, but you got me feelin’
You got me feelin’…
You got me feelin’…WEAK!

This shit is crazy
My every waking thought seems to be of you
Oh, it gets better
When I close my eyes at night – then there you are too
Now don’t get me wrong
I ain’t complainin’
My only gripe, in fact is
I can’t wake up next to you

In case you ain’t guessed by now – I wanna be with you!

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