Boomerang BOOMERANG  Boomerang

1st VERSE:
What more would you have me do?
What more could I say?
We could go around for days
I’d never see your way

Tell me, what more do you want from me?
I’ve wasted too much time
Were my tears not enough for you?
You drained me of my pride

Tell me, what more did you want from me?
I tried, and I tried
All I wanted was to be with you
You deprived me of that high

I told you, one day, it would be too late
I’d be over you
Heartbreak – that would be your fate
But you ignored the truth

Nowwwwwwww you’re the one in pain
You’re in pain, you’re in pain, you’re in pain
You caught the boomerang

{Repeat 1X}

2nd VERSE:
Where did my affection go?
Why am I so cold?
For two years, we were off and on
I guess it took its toll

Now we stand on opposite sides
…of this thing called love
I’m off that crazy roller coaster ride
…of neglected love


Why couldn’t
…you love me
…when you had the chance?
You’ve sealed your fate
Now it’s too late
We’ve had our last dance


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