Life has a funny way of turning things around
The smile I seem to wear these days is upside down
I remember when we met; I thought weíd never part
But here I am today, alone, with a broken heart

I remember the night we kissed; It put me in a state of bliss
Now Iím all alone somewhere in a dark abyss
Do you realize the pain that you inflict?
You must be into some sadomasochistic shit

ĎCause Iím on the beggin' end of this relationship
You got Ė me suf-ferin'
Iím Ė on the begginí end of this relationship
Is that how Ė you get Ė your kicks?

When I call you on the phone, youíre never home
I know youíre really there, I guess youíre not alone
Iím tortured by the thought of you with some other guy
Do you really want to hurt me and make me cry?

I drove by your house one night and knocked on your door
You turned out the bedroom light Ė and just ignored me
You donít realize the pain that you inflict
I must be into some sadomasochistic shit


Your heart has been revealed to me
Itís time that I believe it
Iíve opened up my heart to you
But you just wonít receive it
I refuse to beg you anymore
My heart, Iíve got to free it
I gotta find a way to let you go
Iím tryiní to achieve it


If you donít want me (Let go of me)
Repeat 3X, begin fading

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