When I was a child
I liked to play…{games}
Now, I’m grown and well…
Things haven’t changed

The only difference is…
The games that I play
Bring a toy if you want to participate

Let’s play hide and seek
Bend over the bed…{ooh, yeass!}
I’ll hide my tongue inside your wonderful ass

Seek and ye shall find electric orgasms
Change positions, pin your knees to your head
…and do it again
…til you come again
Electric orgasm

Freak is to my nature
As no is to shame
Imagination is to my middle name

Come play with me I’ll make you wanna proclaim
I’m the only man that made you come, come, came
…and did it again
Electric orgasm

You will never find a freakier man {in life}
If you do he’s probably my biggest fan
Arrogance is not what this is about
But you experienced how I made you come with – out
…using your hands
…and did it again
…til you came again
Electric orgasm

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