Doctor…I’m feelin’ ill tonight
And I want you – to make me alright
Take off yo’ jacket – and why don’t you loosen that tie
Give me somethin’ sweet to help the medicine go down
You ain’t gotta speak, just give me what I need right now

Doctor…forget the pills tonight
I’m gonna teach you – how to heal me right
Pull out yo’ gadget – and let me check yo’ vital signs
I’m lookin’ for a beat that makes your body come alive
Ain’t no way to cheat, ‘cause stimulation never lies

Doctor…heal me, please
Doctor…that’s yo’ expertise
Ohhh, Doctor…give me what I need
Doctor, Doctor…

Doctor…I feel the chemistry
You know I wantcha – and I know you want me
What’s yo’ disorder? – I got the therapy you need
Just lie back on the couch and let me set yo’ mind at ease
Let me show you how to set your inhibitions free…ummm

Doctor…the heat is buildin’ tonight
You give me fever – like a sultry summer night
I wanna please ya – Don’t be afraid to take a bite
Just wet yo’ lips, give me a kiss, and watch the sparks ignite
Pulsate to hips as lips to drip, a physical delight…ummm


Pull out yo’ gadget
Loosen yo’ collar
I’m gonna teach you
Tonight, I’m the scholar

The thrill of the healin’
The physical rapture
If I write a novel
You'll be in a chapter


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