I don’t know where I stand …in this relationship
I don’t know if this is
…a relationship

All I know is I love you
And you tell me that you love me too
Are you lying?
Am I a fool?
Love, trust, and honesty is all I want from you

Baby, is that too much to ask?
Need I ask at all?
For to love is to trust, and honesty’s a must
Without it our love will fall

Love me the way you wanna be loved
…if you wanna be love by me
Take me and love me the way that I am
…not what you want me to be

We’ve been through the hurt and felt all the pain
It’s time to move on and stop casting the blame
Life is too short to hold on to the past
I wanna enjoy it as long as it lasts

So if you don’t know where you stand
…in this relationship
Read these words; look in your heart,
…and you’ll discover it

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