Long-time, no see
It’s good to see you again – You
…dropped by to see me
Like you use to do

I’m glad you came
I’ve been thinkin’ about you lately
I don’t mind if you stay
Do you have to leave so soon?

I’ve been goin’ through the motions
Livin’ my life day-to-day
Tryin’ to get you
…off my mind
(Oh, how I’ve missed you)

To think you came so close
…to breakin’ me down
The love we almost found
(I can’t believe you’re here now)

So baby won’t you – Stay
Baby, won’t you – Stay
I’m beggin’ you to – Stay
But I can’t bring myself to say, stay
My mouth is closed
My heart is sayin’ – Stay
My mouth closed
My pride is in the way

Embrace me one more…time
Before you say good…bye
I’m tryin’ not to…hide
Hide behind my foolish pride

You feel so good
Do you really have to leave so soon?
Maybe we…could
…just talk for a little while

You just dropped by to tease me
You know I care for you
Life was getting’ easy
I was learnin’ to live without you
But you dropped back into my life
Like a cat-burglar creepin’ through the night
And now you wanna leave
I’m beggin’ you to stay awhile

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