I think about you everyday
I think about you in every way
I keep your picture posted above my desk
“Good morning”, I say each day
…as I feel a sigh come from deep within my chest

I miss you terribly…in the worse way
I’d love to be able to hold you…everyday
Until then I’ll wear your cologne…

I can feel you close to me
And if I close my eyes tight and imagine hard enough
I can even taste you…oh, yeah!
I can even feel your tongue glide across my nipple
I let out a soft moan (I remember how that turned you on) and sigh
as I try not to cry…for the thrill is so real, but still your absence I feel

Will you one day come back to me?
Can we one day hold each other again?
Silly questions I suppose… Didn’t I hear you say your not done with me…?
Funny, ‘cause I ain’t done with you!!!

But enough about me
What do YOU think about me?

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