Maybe my attempts at charming you back are futile

But for you, I believe itís definitely worth a try

Iím hoping a response from you wonít be too brutal

…if I receive a response from you at all

Iím hoping youíll be compelled to reconsider

…giving me another chance to make things right

I hope you find the way this message was delivered

…sincere — with all my heart and pride aside

Through the heartache of missing you, Iíve learned a lesson

Losing you was the ultimate price I had to pay

If I could take it all back and do it again — I wouldnít

ĎCause now I know what it takes to make you stay

I consider the thought of you back in my life a blessing

To treasure our love — thatís what the lesson was for

Remember the man I was when we were happy?

Iím still that man waiting outside your door!

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