The first time that I said, “I love you,”
…you didn’t know
My arms were wrapped around you
Your eyes were closed
I lied awake, staring at your pretty button nose
Everything about you is so beautiful

It didn’t take much time before you felt the same
I’m waiting for the day when I can change your name {Will you marry me?}
Life is so uncertain, but, Baby, this I know
The love I feel for you won’t die – it’ll only grow

‘Cause we – were meant to be together
…In love forever
My love for you will – only get stronger
My love for you will – only get stronger
This is an everlasting love

The first time we had a disagreement, I played the fool
I let my pride get in the way – almost lost you
I’ll never be that fool again, I promise you
Your heart answered the question: “What was I to you?”

There’s no greater joy than the love I get from you
I’m confident my heart is safe and your love is true
You belong to me and I belong to you
I couldn’t live without you, and I don’t want to


Your love…
Keeps me so inspired
It gets me higher than any drug I can take

Your love…
Is like air to fire
The flames grow higher, with every breath that I take


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