Do you realize…
By the look in my eyes…
I’m in love with you?

But the problem lies…
In your will to deny…
What “they” see as taboo

You gotta push aside
You gotta make up your own mind
Your heart – to thy, be true

Why should you deny…
Your heart to satisfy…
Those hypocritical fools?

You would realize…
If you open your eyes…
With love, you’re free to choose

Lookin’ through my eyes…
There ain’t no compromise
With love you cannot lose

If ever you decide…
This life’s too short to hide
Break out…Love’s waiting for you

You would be surprised
You wasted too much time
Hiding in the shadow of you

Maybe if we get closer
Just a little bit closer
You would somehow discover the obvious truth

Maybe if we get closer
Just a little bit closer
You would somehow discover you love me too

I gotta step aside…
And hope you find the truth in time
I want a chance with you

But, as much as I…
Want you in my life
I’m not tryin’ to pressure you

It’s just that I…
Can see it in your eyes
I know you feel it too

I read the signs
And I know the eyes don’t lie
Wake up and face the truth

I may be shy…
But I’m not afraid to try…
Getting next to you

But you’d rather hide
So all I do is write…
Romantic songs about you

Every day that I…
Am without you in my life…
Is one less day with you

The bottom line…
Is you’re wasting too much time
You already know the truth


You’ve - wasted too much time - trying to hide
From what “they” consider taboo
Maybe if you - and I could spend some time
I’d get you to realize the truth


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