Weve inflicted so much pain on one another
Weve said goodbye far too many times
All I ever wanted was to be with you
But all I ever got was love denied

With all weve said and done, I apologize
I know you never meant to make me cry
Ive misdirected my frustrations toward you
And now you wanna hurt me with goodbye

I never would have thought Id get this close to you
And then, I never thought wed be apart
Its gonna take some time before Im over you
But even then, youll still be in my heart

I must admit, this separations overdue
We both agree; its what we need to do
But think of this, if you could just give me your heart
I promise you, Id be a better man

Make me a better man
Lets try this thing again
Make me a bet ter man
{Repeat 1X}

We need to take some time apart to get it right
So we can give this thing another try
If you can find it in your heart, we can ignite
Eternal flame of love beyond your eyes

I know without a doubt, with love well make it through
As much as I know I belong with you
I hope next time around we finally get it right
I know that I could be a better man


I need some time
to make me a better man
You need some time
to get true understanding


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