I sense your apprehension when youíre close to me
Iím beginning to think that maybe youíre afraid
Your kisses sure are sweet, but I promise not to bite
I just wanna make you moan and feel alright

Are you really scared or playiní hard to get…?
Baby, Iím confused…Donít lead me on
You havenít got much time before I walk away
Make up your mind…Donít keep me held at bay

Tell me, what…do you want from me?
What…do you want?
Tell me, what…do you want from me…in this relation…?

What…do you want from me?
Tell me, whatÖdo you want?
What…do you want from me…in this strange relationship?

What is this opposition…? I donít understand
Iím tryiní to be patient, but donít forget, I am a man
I got special needs, and Baby, I know you do
So, whatís this strange relationship we hold on to…?

How long you think a hungry man goní wait around?
Baby, I sure got some news for you
You havenít got many more times to let me down
Did I tell you all the things I can do to you?


So what do you want from me?
This ainít all about sex
I care…and I wanna share
…all my love with you


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