I can sit down and write all night about how much I miss you, Baby
Or I can lie down and cry myself to sleep
But whatís the use when youíre not even aware of my existence
What will it take for you to notice me?

Whenever youíre around I just canít stop my body trembliní
But, you walk right by and seem to look through me
There I stand, heartbroken, lost, defeated, and just devastated
I wish you knew how much it tortures me

So many lonely nights I lay and fantasize about you, Baby
I wish you were here lying next to me
What would it take for you to understand how much I want you, Baby?
I just want you to once acknowledge me

I heard you were a fan of a man I admire, Baby
Letís go on a date and catch his show
Am I a fool to think that you would ever want to be with me?
Is it too much to ask to let me know?

Baby, acknowledge me
Iíll be here hanginí on
It is my fantasyÖ
To make you my reality

Baby, acknowledge me
Donít keep me waiting too long
You are my fantasy
Letís make it a reality

When I lay my head upon my pillow itís so comforting
ĎCause I know weíll be together in my dreams
Just the thought of you and me together is so exciting
Letís say we meet again tonight at three

Physical attraction is the first factor that we measure
I wanna know Ė What do you think of me?
Is there any reason why we couldnít be together, Baby?
Is it that youíd be ashamed of me?


Dreams come true
I know they do
One day Iíll be with you
Oblivious to my existence
Iím here, waiting for you


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